Edgar's Letter

A letter written by Edgar Halfwhistle and left on the stoop of the Temple of Tymora in Stradesberry. Cleric Celkit found the letter and delivered it to the party.


Description of the letter:

The letter is written with a sprawling and loopy script on a heavily-scented piece of paper. Also enclosed is the long golden feather Edgar wore to the gala.

To my two ladies love!

Never in my life have I known my equal, until this evening when I met two!

Fair lady with the birds, you are my equal in the bardic arts!

And fair lady with the hair, you are my equal in
[several words were started here and then crossed out] stamina!
[Stamina is underlined three times.]

For you I will renounce the attention of all others who desire to be mine – even though there are many and they are all quite attractive!

If you will only say that you will spend your days here with me, I will oath any oaths and promise any promises that you require!

You are the spring in my strut, the rhymes in my verse, and the feathers in my cap! I shall immortalize your quaint charms in poem and song, and sing your praises ‘til morning dawns.

Please! Do not make my foolish heart wait too long for your answer, lest the charms of some other admirers catch my eye!

XOXOXOXOXO [there are lots of XOs]
Edgar Halfwhistle [the signature is extremely large]

P.S. Do you love me back?
[Below this, taking up the entire rest of the piece of paper, is a large box, next to which is written the word “Yes.” There are no other boxes drawn on the paper, nor room to draw additional boxes.]

Edgar's Letter

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