Aribi's Tale: Part 1 (The Ballad of The Basement)

Composed after their first group adventure, by Aribi Bibi Bumpus. Performed in the Underwillow Inn.

Rest a while, and warm your cup
Your time with up is nearly up
The tale you’ll hear is fraught with ire
And danger and conflict most dire
But hark my friend and sit a spell
The ballad of my friends I’ll tell

Twas night warm and deep in Underwillow
When from the Inn’s back came a lively fellow
With dreams of gold and currant ale
Told us a very frightful tale
Go into the cellar, if we must
Through all the dirt, detritus and dust
To smote creature there rabi and wild
Who up until now, his plans had foiled.

And so with weapons packed and couraged hearts
The four adventurers did depart:
Ranger of stature tall and wild
A rogue of sneaks and tricks inside
A cleric with faith most tried and true
And a bard named – well – you know who!

And so we crept into the cellar
A the whim of that Glowkindle feller
Dark and damp surrounds us now
And sinister rats begin their prowl
With glowing eyes and gnashing teeth
The rats attacked! And from our sheaths
We heroes did draw their weapons true
And one by one did kill the brutes

One rat of fearful stature and size
Vanished right before our eyes
And so our heroes did give chase
Ran after it, to seal its fate.
Upon a puzzle did we the come
With rising, setting, and blazing sun
Despite what you’ve heard about their smarts
It was a half orc ranger that saved our parts
For while across we would have lept
He showed us just where we must step
And so our ranger saved our bacon
And saved us all from bifurcation!

Beyond the puzzle did we face
Yet more adventures to earn our place
Among Underwillow’s bravest folk
(Who up til now had been a joke)

A lab we found – potions and fire
And above us we saw a sight most dire
Eight legs, a web, and a bloodthirst
Our heroes ne’er encountered worse.
The mighty Bumpus was almost felled
By a web of lava that burned like hell
But by the cleric she was freed
And saved from becoming worm’s dinner feed

With the spider dead, and the rat corpses too
The group of four knew what to do
One more room left on their quest
They must clear it before their rest.
But little did our heroes know
Beyond that door the threat did grow.
Hundreds of legs between them all,
And hungry bellies did to them call.

Centipedes from the web did crawl
Driven by their hunger’s thrall
When one was killed, the road still looked hard
But wait a moment, your clever bard
Had an idea to speak with the beasts
And to them then she did entreat,
“Please leave this place and return no more”
But angry were the bugs, and sore!

And so a marionette of sorts was made
A gruesome sort of play was done
Voice of the bard through its mouth came
And it seemed to them it was the one,
Their friend, that told them to be gone

And that my friends is how these four
adventuring goofballs did restore
Peace and wealth to this here town
So tip well, folks, while drinking down
The ale we allowed you to start making
So pay us well, in gold or baking.

Aribi's Tale: Part 1 (The Ballad of The Basement)

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