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  • Pamplemousse Rouge

    Alias 1: An as-of-yet unnamed professional courier for Fleetfoot Delivery Services. Alias 2: Mimosa Greenbottle, a "southern belle" civilian who attends galas and flirts with gnome bards.

  • Unruhk Halforcen

    Unruhk was born in the Icewind Dales to Bhrega, a mountain orc of the Broken Sky clan, and Varhrun Svegirsen, a human Uthgardt of the Thunderbeast tribe. His mother left to return to her clan to participate in their next raid against the dwarves when he …

  • Gristlemonger

    The runt of his litter, Gristlemonger was pushed out from his pack's den in the winter of his birth and scavenged as best he could until Unruhk found him eating an elk that had been caught in one of Unruhk's snares. Unruhk butchered and trimmed the elk, …