Unruhk Halforcen

Half-orc Ranger


Unruhk stands six and a half feet tall, with gray skin, small tusks, and pointed ears revealing his orcish parentage and a pale beard and light blue eyes betraying his human lineage from the northern Uthgardt tribes. His torso is tattooed with faded blue knots, and he wears creased but well-maintained leathers of his own tanning. The little finger on his left hand is missing.

Unruhk’s constant companion is the runted worg Gristlemonger, who stands just over three feet tall at the shoulder and is covered with wiry gray fur and black shark-like eyes.


Unruhk was born in the Icewind Dales to Bhrega, a mountain orc of the Broken Sky clan, and Varhrun Svegirsen, a human Uthgardt of the Thunderbeast tribe. His mother left to return to her clan to participate in their next raid against the dwarves when he was six, and Unruhk has not seen her since. He lived with his father on the outskirts of their village until he was twelve, when he left to try to find his mother. Unfortunately, his pale hair marked him as too human, and the mountain orcs rained arrows on him and would not allow him to approach. Rather than return to the Uthgardt, he made a life for himself in the wilds, occasionally trading with the dwarves and scattered human settlements. He spent time among the shapeshifters of the Gray Wolf tribe and became a devout adherent of their god Malar, the Beastlord, master of the Hunt.

Recently, he has been plagued by nightmares that he now believes are visions sent to him by Malar as harbingers of a great disaster in the south. He has traveled to Neverwinter Wood to investigate, in the hopes of stemming whatever cataclysm his dreams portend.

Unruhk Halforcen

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