Pamplemousse Rouge

Halfling Rouge


Pamplemousse Rouge is a 3-foot-tall explosion of pink hair, vibrant colors, and giant hats. A love of personal expression and the attention span of a flea means she rarely sports the same outfit for more than a day or two in a row, a habit that meshs well with her sunny, cheery demeanor. The only constants in her dress hang about her neck; a cheap-looking amulet of Tymora, and an iron holy symbol, partially melted and rendered unidentifiable.

The teensy thief prefers to live fully in the moment, for life’s little pleasures and laughs; after all, panning for the future or making long-term plans is so dull.

Pamplemousse is well-armed, beneath her heavy shawls and flowing cloak. Between her shortbow and small blades, she is always ready to slip into the shadows and strike at those who would harm her or her friends…or maybe just to run away.


Alias 1: An as-of-yet unnamed professional courier for Fleetfoot Delivery Services.
Alias 2: Mimosa Greenbottle, a “southern belle” civilian who attends galas and flirts with gnome bards.

Pamplemousse Rouge

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