Unruhk's worg companion


Unruhk’s worg companion, Gristlemonger is noticeably small for a worg, standing just over three feet tall at the shoulder with wiry gray fur, tattered ears, mottled skin, and black shark-like eyes. He drools constantly.


The runt of his litter, Gristlemonger was pushed out from his pack’s den in the winter of his birth and scavenged as best he could until Unruhk found him eating an elk that had been caught in one of Unruhk’s snares. Unruhk butchered and trimmed the elk, tossing bits of offal to Gristlemonger as he did so, and the worg pup followed the halforc back to his cabin and has remained with him ever since, quickly picking up the skills needed to serve as a hunting hound in exchange for all the food he needed. The two have become fast friends, finding a bit of family in each other than neither has had before.


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