Lack Of Initiative

Act 3: The Rugrats in the Rink

The party head for the tailor’s shop that Edgar Halfwhistle recommended. The show owner, a dwarf named Shappi, has a few ready-made gowns but only one suit anywhere near large enough to fit Unruhk. Unruhk tries on the suit, which Shappi had made as a backup for Constable Fortin, and finds that it is still far too small for him. Regardless, Unruhk buys the suit jacket and shirt. After a trip back to the wagon for tools, he sits at a table in the shop and begins making some alterations of his own.

Topiary, Pamplemousse, and Aribi each try on gowns. They are able to find garments that work, more or less successfully. Topiary’s gown is a little too long. Aribi’s gown is far too long, so she asks Shappi to make some alterations and also uses her Orb of Ornithological Charms to summon birds that will help hold up her skirt as she walks. Pamplemousse asks for some alterations as well, including incorporating the material she bought from Dorian, and also asks for a small vest to fit Jam-Jam. Shappi asks to be paid up front and tells the party to return at 7 o’clock to pick up their altered garments.

With their gala attire secured, the party head for Cinderbloom Tower to speak to some of the town’s children. Along the way, they notice posters for the Beefy Brawlerz and the Magic Misfits. The Magic Misfits’ posters say their clubhouse is at the top of Cinderbloom Tower, but the Beefy Brawlerz’ posters do not identify the location of their clubhouse. When the party arrive at Cinderbloom Tower, they speak to an elf who identifies herself as Maggie Cinderbloom’s mother. They manage to convince her that Maggie has won a prize and they need to deliver it directly to her. Mrs. Cinderbloom tells them that Maggie is at her ‘clubhouse’ – a clearing nearby that is hidden from the road by dense bushes.

Maggie and the other Brawlerz are practicing skating in the clearing. The party introduce themselves, and Maggie insists that they call her “Mad Maggs.” Unruhk questions her and another child about the Gravedigger Fever. The children say that school has been cancelled because it’s no longer safe for them to go there, so now they have nothing to do but play roller derby all day. The other child is a young human boy who says he has been afflicted by the fever. He remembers hearing music, but can’t recall much else about what happened to him.

After more questions, and the promise that Unruhk will provide the Brawlerz with the skates he has crafted, Maggie finally tells the party that her brother, Pod, was also afflicted with Gravedigger Fever. Pod made it out of the house but was found and returned by the Constable. Maggie asks Unruhk to join her roller derby team, and tells them that she wants to hold a match in an abandoned building called the “Smiling Jester.”

Maggie and the party return to Cinderbloom Tower. Maggie must go inside to prepare to attend the gala, but she first shows the party how to get up to the tower’s penthouse to speak to Pod. They use a basket rigged to a pulley to bring themselves up to the penthouse level, and Pod opens a window to let them in. Pod insists upon being called “Hex Files,” and has a few friends who are practicing skating at the top of the tower. Each of the Magic Misfits carries a wand with a star tip. The party all come inside the tower so they can speak to Pod and his team.


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