Lack Of Initiative

Act 1: Centipedes in the Well

Inside the other door, the party finds a small room with a well in the center. A portion of the ceiling has caved in, exposing some moonlight above. Pamplemousse peers into the well and sees two pairs of eyes staring back at her. A giant centipede emerges and Unruhk quickly dispatches it. When a second centipede climbs over the side of the well, Aribi decides to attempt to talk to it.

The centipede explains that it is very hungry and would like to eat the party, please. The rats the centipede and its associates used to hunt here have suddenly grown too strong for them to kill. When Aribi suggests that the centipede should eat its fallen compatriot, it becomes offended and tries to attack her. Unruhk kills this second centipede, but the party can hear more noise coming from inside the well. Unruhk drops a torch down the well and reveals three centipedes climbing up. The torch extinguishes when it hits the water at the bottom of the well, but there are sounds coming from below that indicate there are probably more of the bugs.

After a long debate about what to do, Aribi steps to the edge of the well and yells down to the other centipedes. One of the centipedes asks to speak to “Spike” and, with Unruhk’s help, Aribi holds up the body of one of the slain centipedes. Using the corpse as a crude puppet, Aribi attempts to imitate Spike’s voice as she speaks to the other centipedes. The centipedes believe they are speaking to Spike, and Spike (Aribi) tells them it is time to leave this place because there is no food left. They agree, and decide to come up out of the well so they can leave.

Realizing there will shortly be a swarm of centipedes in the room, the party scrambles to decide what to do. Aribi, Pamplemousse, and Topiary quickly leave the room, with Pamplemousse staying near the door so she can close it. Unruhk hesitates, concerned that the centipedes may run out through the hole in the ceiling and into the town itself. After considering the orientation of the rooms below the inn, Unruhk realizes that the centipedes will climb out of the hole facing the forest. He decides to run out of the room and Pamplemousse quickly closes the door behind him. Unruhk takes off running back up the cellar steps and through the inn, past a very confused Glowkindle, on his way to ensure that the centipedes are heading for the forest and not the town’s center.

The rest of the party emerges from the cellar and explains what happened to Glowkindle and Amhatan. The innkeeper suspects that the rooms they found may have once belonged to an old wizard’s tower that used to stand where the inn does now. Glowkindle pays the party 200g (50g each) for their services and Amhatan tells them they are welcome to stay at his inn for free for as long as they want. Glowkindle notices the gnomish lantern that hangs from Aribi’s lute and offers her a power gem. Once the power gem has been placed in the lantern, the mechanical canary inside lights up and it able to fly a short distance.

Pamplemousse asks Topiary’s permission to set up a small shrine to Tymora in Underwillow’s temple and the cleric happily agrees. Unruhk decides to move into a room in the inn, now that he doesn’t have to pay for his lodgings.

Players receive 200g (50g per character). Players are now level 2. Aribi’s trinket is now a useable object.


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