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  • Dia

    A witch who lives beneath a willow tree outside of [[Underwillow | Underwillow]]. She has lived near the village for several years, but only recently decided to interact with its residents. Since then she has helped to village to become safe and …

  • Dorian

    A friendly and jovial dwarven merchant who sells fine cloth and similar wares. Dorian travels through [[Underwillow | Underwillow]] occasionally, and can remember when it used to be called "Fairpass" and was a far less welcoming place than it is now. …

  • Asparagus

    Asparagus, or "Gus" to his friends, is a tabby cat who lives in [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]]. He is a high-ranking member of the [[Congress of Cats]].

  • Fox

    Fox is a dark black cat who lives in [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]] and is a member of the Congress of Cats. She is extremely friendly and helpful.

  • Amhatan

    A serious and business-minded elf who owns and operates the [[Underwillow Inn | Underwillow Inn]]. He has lived in the village for some time, and remembers that the ruins of an old wizard's tower used to stand where his inn now does. His niece, [[:byx …

  • Byx

    An elf farmer who lives on the outskirts of [[Underwillow | Underwillow]], and considers [[:dia | Dia]] to be a close friend. Niece of [[:amhatan | Amhatan]].

  • Glowkindle

    Glowkindle has lived in [[Underwillow | Underwillow]] his entire life and often works as the bartender in the [[Underwillow Inn | Underwillow Inn]]. Recently, Glowkindle has renovated the inn's cellar to create a brewery. His red currant-based ale is …

  • Gristlemonger

    The runt of his litter, Gristlemonger was pushed out from his pack's den in the winter of his birth and scavenged as best he could until Unruhk found him eating an elk that had been caught in one of Unruhk's snares. Unruhk butchered and trimmed the elk, …

  • Orvillius

    Orvillius, the King of the Cats, rules the Congress of Cats in [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]]. He went missing for nearly three full days but was eventually rescued by the party. During his reign, Orvillius negotiated a treaty with the Worg Lord.

  • Garfield the Deals Warlock

    Garfield the Deals Warlock loves making deals! Stop by the Rare Goods Department at [[Fantasy Costco | Fantasy Costco]] to make a deal today!

  • Jasyla

    A gnome fortune teller who lives in [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]]. She is a confidant of [[:orvillius | Orvillius]]

  • Non

    The lord of all the worgs in [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]]. (It is unclear why there are so many worgs in Neverwinter.) Recently agreed to a treaty with [[:orvillius | Orvillius]] and is the sworn enemy of the [[:meredith | Rat Boss]].

  • Meredith

    Leader of the rats in [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]]. Sworn enemy of [[:orvillius | Orvillius]]

  • Ivia

    A mermaid who was being held captive as a sideshow act at the Clockwork Carnival. The party freed her and, in exchange, she gave them 6 scales from her tail. She was last seen swimming toward the fishing docks in [[Neverwinter | Neverwinter]].

  • Celkit

    Cleric Celkit is a recent transplant to [[Stradesberry | Stradesberry]] and runs the Temple of Tymora there.

  • Dart Slipfoot

    Dart Slipfoot is a half-elf ranger who is a member of The Watch in [[Stradesberry | Stradesberry]]. Dart is not especially personable, though he does get along well with a cougar named Whisper, who he tamed and trained to fight beside him.

  • Lank

    Lank is a very large and muscular goblin who is a member of The Watch in [[Stradesberry | Stradesberry]]. Lank only speaks goblin and is not particularly bright.

  • Edgar Halfwhistle

    Edgar Halfwhistle is a devilishly handsome halfling bard who serves as a member of The Watch in [[Stradesberry | Stradesberry]]. As notorious of a drinker as he is a flirt, Edgar is typically found performing and/or drinking at the Cypress Creek Pub.

  • Maggie Cinderbloom

    Maggie Cinderbloom is the leader of the Beefy Brawlerz roller derby team in [[Stradesberry | Stradesberry]]. Her brother, [[:pod-cinderbloom | Pod Cinderbloom]], leads the rival team called the Magic Misfits.

  • Pod Cinderbloom

    Pod Cinderbloom is the leader of the Magic Misfits roller derby team in [[Stradesberry | Stradesberry]]. His sister, [[:maggie-cinderbloom | Maggie Cinderbloom]], leads the rival team called the Beefy Brawlerz.