Lack Of Initiative

Act 2: Confrontation in the Cottage

The party continued on to the next sideshow tent, which housed the “World’s Ugliest Boy.” The boy introduced himself as Burt Sompson and told them his sad life story. Pamplemousse in particular was moved by his tale, though the others suspected it might not be entirely truthful. When Aribi confronted Burt, he revealed that he was actually an adult goblin who enjoyed his life as an entertainer. Burt also revealed that Gazimoff Sparkneedle was likely not at the carnival at all, but at his cottage in the affluent Bluelake District.

Outside of Gazimoff’s cottage, Aribi dons her shrubbery costume to be discrete, a plan which fails spectacularly when she is spotted by a servant while scoping out the house. Pamplemousse attempts to make a quick excuse about carrying a Candlenights tree (in early summer), which the servant does not buy. Regardless, the servant invites them into the cottage, saying that Gazimoff is waiting for them and hopes to resolve this misunderstanding.

Once inside, the party finds Orvillius sitting atop Gazimoff’s desk, wearing a collar and leash. The Rat Boss, in her human form, is also there. Orvillus calls Gus a traitor and Gus quickly explains to Gazimoff that he had to hire some mercenaries to make it look as if he was searching for the King because the other cats were growing suspicious. Gus then turns to the party and offers to double their fee if they will simply leave the cottage.

After a long discussion, the party decide they will attempt to free Orvillius. The Rat Boss screams, summoning swarms of rats to the cottage, while Gus quickly jumps out a window and into the night. Though Unruhk, Pamplemousse, and Aribi all attempt to follow or otherwise incapacitate Gus, they are unable to do so. When the rats attack, the Worg Lord and some of his allies show up at the cottage to defend Orvillius. A battle ensues, with the party dispatching the Rat Boss as the worgs and rats fight amongst each other.

Once the battle finishes, the party threatens Gazimoff for his role in the catnapping. Gazimoff explains that Gus had promised to allow him to use the cats as spies once Orvillius was deposed. Aribi insists that Gazimoff pay them double the doubled fee that Gus offered, and Gazimoff quickly agrees – saying he will give the party 2000 gold now (because it is all he has on hand), and will send them the additional 2000 gold he owes them at some point in the future. The party also negotiates for lifetime passes to the Clockwork Carnival.

Topiary carries King Orvillius back to the Congress of Cats’ warehouse, where they are greeted by Fox, who is thrilled to have the King returned. The cats’ treasurer pays the party the 1000 gold Gus promised them, and everyone returns to the Fallen Tower Inn for the night.

The next morning, Topiary is summoned to the House of Knowledge, where she is given an assignment by Elder Namer Miguel to catalog the stories she hears on her journey in a special book. {This book gives Topiary advantage on Religion & History checks.}

Unruhk returns to Jasyla to ask her more about the visions he has been having. She gives him the recipe for a blend of herbs that he can burn before sleeping in order to bring on dreams. {Unruhk may now request a vision from the DM.}

Aribi counsels the bard, Mallarick, who she’d gotten thrown offstage the night before, eventually agreeing to sing a duet with him at the Fallen Tower Inn that night. The two perform “The Boy Is Mine” to a standing ovation. {Aribi now earns 40 gold per night when she performs.}

Pamplemousse spends the day at the carnival, riding the most dangerous-looking rides with a young elf named Desgardes. {Pamplemousse earns a permanent +1 to her Constitution score.}


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